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Hanging artwork

How to hang artwork on the walls in the home

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Ordinary drywall cans safety hold a lightweight artwork hung from a nail; heavier objects require different anchors. Put down the putty and poster tacks, that's no way to hang a gorgeous mirror or framed artwork. Whenever you can, hang these items from a nail or screw driven directly into a wall stud. Of course, you might not want all your arrangements rigidly spaced 16 inches on center.

So when you know you won't hit a stud, hit the hardware store instead and gather up a good selection of these nifty hollow-wall anchors. They also work when you want to hang something from the ceiling, such as shelves suspended from eye screws and chains.

Universal expanding anchor: To hang lighter objects on drywall, plaster, or masonry, use this plastic anchor with a variety of screw sizes. Drill a hole that's slightly smaller than the anchor and insert the anchor. Then drive in a sheet metal screw to hold the artwork.

Self-drilling wall anchor: Intended for drywall only, a self-drilling wall anchor should be driven directly into the wall with a screwdriver or drill. Then drive in the screw. This anchor holds light to heavyweight artwork .

Molly bolt: Look for self-tapping molly bolts with a pointed tip so you can drive this screw and sleeve device into drywall. Don't use these on plaster. As you tighten the screw, the sleeve expends behind the wall to hold the screw in place. Use this anchor for moderate-weight artwork.

Toggle bolts: Pass the folded wings of a toggle bolt through a hole you've predrilled. As you tighten the bolt, the wings spread out behind the wall. Use toggle bolts for moderate-weight objects on drywall or plaster or for heavyweight artwork on hollow-core concrete block.

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home interior designs

Hanging artwork

home interior designs

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home interior designs

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