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Getting raid of mice

How to get raid of mice

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Fallen scraps of food attract mice, so the easiest remedy is to keep floors clean.

However, mice can move easily from house to house, through roof spaces or wall cavities and under floors, and so may be difficult to eliminate entirely without professional help.

You can buy poisoned bait, which should be sprinkled onto a piece of paper or a paper plate so you can remove uneaten bait easily and safely. Be sure to keep pets and children away from the bait.

If signs of mice still persist after three weeks, resort to traps. Humane traps capture mice alive in a cage or box, enabling you to deposit them elsewhere. Or you can use spring-loaded traps.

Keep in mind that most people donít set enough traps. If possible, position them every 6 feet along mouse run. The best place is against the baseboard.

Bait mousetraps with oatmeal or chocolate. Dispose of the dead bodies by burying, burning, or putting in the garbage to be picked up.

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home interior designs

Getting raid of mice

home interior designs

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home interior designs

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