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Carpeting a staircase

How to carpet a staircase

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If possible, use standard width narrow carpet on a staircase. Order an extra 2 feet, so that the carpet can be moved at a later date to even out the wear. This extra carpet is turned under the bottom step. You can fit carpeting across the width of the tread, or stop short to reveal a border or polished or painted wood. With the latter method, you can use traditional stair rods to hold the carpet against the risers.

Screw brackets on each side of the stairs to hold the rods. Or you can tack the carpet to the stairs every 3 inches across the treads. Push the carpet firmly into the corner between the riser and the tread with a bolster chisel while you tack the center, then work outward to each side. Unless itís rubber backed, you can use tack strips to hold the carpet in place.

Laying a straight run

  • The pie of the carpet should face down the stairs.
  • Gauge the pile by rubbing your palm along the carpet in both directions. It will feel smoother in the direction of the pile.
  • Starting at the bottom of the stairs, lay the carpet face down on the first tread.
  • Attach the back edge with tacks, or stretch it over a tack strip.
  • Stretch the carpet over the nosing, and attach it to the bottom of the riser by hooking it onto the tack strip.
  • Run the carpet up the staircase, pushing it firmly into each tack strip with a bolster chisel.
  • Nail the end of the carpet against the riser on the last tread, and then bring the landing carpet over the top step to meet it.

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home interior designs

Carpeting a staircase

home interior designs

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home interior designs

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