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Replacing a window

How to replace a window in the home

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Windows come in all shape, sizes, and material. Depending on what kind of window you have in your house, you may need to cut around the exterior of the window frame to get it out. If the window has been installed from the inside of the house, it should not be difficult to remove. Some windows are lift from the outside into the opening, and others lift from the inside into the opening. Whichever style you have, this simple direction should be able to get you going:

If the window is installed from the inside, first remove the window treatment from out of the way, next get a flat bar or the claw of a hammer and gently remove the molding from around the window. On the inside edge of the window jam, there will be screws that hold the window into place, with a screw-gun, un-screw them, and have someone hold the window in-place while you remove the screws. If you are removing an all-glass window, you should remove the glass panels first to lighten-up on the weight of the window.

If the outside of the house is stucco, use a skill-saw with a masonry blade to cut around the window frame. After you lift the window out of the frame, remove any nails and debris from the opening. Spread a couple beads of acrylic caulk around the inner frame before putting in the new window. Lift the new window into the opening and center it evenly, making the revel the same all around. Use wood shims to set the window, just install two screws, not all the way in yet, use a level at the (header) top and along the sides of the window to make sure it is level and it opens freely.

Once it's level, opens and close perfectly, drive the screws all the way in. If there are gaps between the frame and window, use form installation to insulate it. Fill the gaps with insulation form until you cant see any light . The form gets hard after thirty minutes, cut away any access. You can pick up a can at your local hardware store. Replace the molding and the window treatment. On the out side, re-stucco around the window.

How to measure for a replacement window

Take vertical and horizontal measurements of the window opening (not the exiting frame) in at least three places. If there is any variation use the shortest. Then, deduct inch from each to give you the frame size for the new window. Take these measurements to your supplier. I you have wood-framed walls, in addition to the window opening, you should also measure the thickness of the walls. If the house is masonry, or stucco, the height and width of the opening in the masonry must be noted in addition to the dimensions of the window opening itself.

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home interior designs

Replacing a window

home interior designs

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home interior designs

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