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Drilling a hole in glass

How to drill a hole in glass

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There are special appear point drill bits for boring holes in glass. You will need to use a handheld bit brace or a power drill set to run at a low speed.

  • Mark the position for the hole, no closer than 1 inch to the edge of the glass, using a felt tipped pen.
  • When drilling mirrored glass, mark the back, coated surface.
  • Place the tip of the drill bit at the center of the mark and, with light pressure, twist it back and forth until it grinds a small recess and no longer skids over the glass.
  • Use glazing putty to form a small ring around the work area, and fill the inner well with kerosene as a lubricant.
  • Run the drill at a steady speed and light pressure, since too much pressure may break the glass.
  • When the tip of the bit emerges, turn over the glass and drill from the other side.
  • Drilling straight through from one-side risks chipping out the back surface.
  • Always run drill in lubricant to reduce friction.




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home interior designs

Drilling a hole in glass

home interior designs

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home interior designs

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