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Replacing a garbage disposer

How to replace a garbage disposer

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Garbage disposers

Garbage disposers grind food waste so it can be flushed down the sink drain. To prevent problems, choose a garbage disposer with at least a ˝ horsepower motor, and a self-reversing feature to prevent jamming. If the disposer won’t run and doesn’t hum when you turn it on, push the reset button on the bottom of the unit, and insert a wrench and turn clockwise.

Another way to free a jammed disposer is to use a wood handle, such as a broomstick, to turn it from the top. Insert the broom handle into the disposer and try to rotate the impeller assembly. If all these measures fail, install a new disposer.

How to remove a garbage disposer

When replacing a disposer, bear in mind that both removal and installation will be easier if you replace the unit with another of the same make and model.

  • Loosen the screw holding the clamp. Remove the drain hose.
  • Disconnect the continuous waste pipe from discharge tube.
  • Insert screwdriver into the lug and turn counterclockwise.
  • Loosen mounting screw and remove mounting assembly.
  • Remove the sink sleeve by pushing up from the bottom.

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home interior designs

Replacing a garbage disposer

home interior designs

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home interior designs

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