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Ladder safety tips

Always read your ladder safety tips before stepping on

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The interior painting of walls and ceilings can usually be handled from stepladders. A basic thing to remember is to move the ladder so there is no need to reach out beyond the safe reaching distance. Remember, stepladders come with a safety warning attached that instructs the user not to stand on the very top step or the one directly below it. Be certain to use strong, high-quality stepladders.

Open the ladder fully and make certain the braces between the legs are in place and the paint-can shelf is down. Place it on a level, firm floor. If the ceiling or top of the wall is high and difficult to reach. Painting can be sped up somewhat if two stepladders are used with a plank between them. If the stepladders are more than 8 feet from each other, add a support in the center of the double plank.

If the second story of a building is being painted, the high walls and ceilings on the stairway present a special problem. Ladders for long reaches range from straight wooden types to aluminum extension ladders...ones that extends to 20 feet is adequate fir most house. Inspect your ladder for cracks and other weaknesses before you lean it against the house.

Get on and off the ladder by stepping onto the center of the rung. Use both hands to grip the ladder rails. Make sure that only one person stands on a ladder at a time. Don't stand on the top two rungs of a ladder. If you're repairing a roof, at least two rungs of the ladder should extend above the eaves so you can step directly onto the roof. Pull materials up a ladder with a rope and have a place to store them at the top; do not try to carry them up.

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home interior designs

home interior designs
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