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Home thermostat

Locating and service your home thermostat

By: Editor

Thermostat location and serving

The location of a thermostat is important. It should be placed in an average-temperature location. An example would be an inner wall about 5 from the floor. It should be out of the way of furniture and beyond the reach of small children.

The location of a thermostat should be changed if it is affected by:

Drafts or dead air spots behind doors and in corners.

Hot or cold air from ducts.

Radiant heat from the sun or an appliance.

Concealed pipes and chimneys.

Unheated area behind it, such as an outside wall.

If the heating or cooling system is not working, the thermostat may be at fault. In general, a thermostat provides warning signals. It also comes with a diagnostic chart to follow when troubleshooting.

Cooling thermostats

Comfort cooling thermostats are similar in design to heating thermostat, but work in the opposite manner, the contacts open as the room cools and close as the room warp-up. A thermostat contains an operating control. This control starts and stops the system when preset temperature conditions are reached.

Combination thermostat

Some thermostats have control mechanisms for both heating and cooling. These thermostats are used with heat pumps or with other installations that have both a heating and a cooling system.

Timer thermostats

Many air conditioning installations can be automatically clock-controlled. For example. Office cooling systems need not run at normal temperatures during weekend or other non-working hours. Many users want units to start functioning at a certain time before the area is occupied.

Multistage thermostats

Multistage thermostats are usually designed for low-voltage operation. They will operate two or three circuits in sequence. They control either heating or cooling.

Hydronic thermostats

Hot water or hydronic heating systems also require thermostats. While these thermostats provide functions similar to the thermostats discussed, they are constructed differently. Hot water thermostats are more easily adapted to individual room or radiator use.

Portable thermostats

Portable thermostats are available for control of a furnace or air conditioner. The thermostat electronically activates a responder on the furnace or air conditioner. This can be done up to a distance if about 120. The thermostat may be moved from room to room. It responds to the temperature of that room. Since it is an electronic battery powered unit, the thermostat has no moving parts.

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home interior designs

Home thermostat

home interior designs
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