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Residential central air conditioning

A guide to installing residential central air conditioning systems

By: Editor

Installing residential central air conditioning systems. Cooling systems should be installed only in furnaces less than 15 years old. Older furnaces will need to be replaced. Units are assembled on-site in four steps:

  • Install condensing unit
  • Install evaporator
  • Install suction and liquid lines
  • Install electric wiring

The condensing unit uses outdoor air to cool the condenser. Some homes have water-cooled condensers. Many installation methods are used. Some units are mounted inside the building. Ducts bring outdoor air to the condenser and discharge warm air outside. Some units are mounted on an outside wall. A more popular practice is to mount the unit on a concrete slab or prefabricated slab. The slab is located 12 to 24 from the building. A concrete slab at least 4 thick and reinforced with steel mesh is recommended. Outlet air from the condensing unit should move in the same direction as the prevailing summer winds.

Location of the condensing unit is very important. The suction and liquid lines, as well as power lines, should be as short as possible. The condensing unit should be carefully located:

  • Away from bedrooms, patios, and neighbors
  • At lease 24 away from wall
  • Away from inside corners Not under eaves
  • Beyond the roof overhung

Check the local building code for proper installation of all units. In some installations, a drain pump must be installed to remove the condensate to the outdoors.

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home interior designs

home interior designs
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