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Tip of the day - build or remodel

Before you build or remodel, what you need to know

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Whether building new or remodeling, you can avoid glitches and save money by knowing what you want and working proactively with architects and builders. Decorating is an evolution, a never-ending process. Styles change, taster's change, even family change. Now more than ever, men and women are choosing to be self-employed, working from home offices.

Creating comfortable living quarters is more than a matter of shopping for a new piece of furniture. The natural wear and tear that comes from children at play, for instance, has to be considered when selecting new furnishings. As you work your way through the decorating process, whether you're working on one room or an entire house, take time to enjoy the experience.

When it comes to color, some people are unsure about which ones to choose, and how much to use. Certain colors have been designated for specific spaces, pink or blue in the nursery, hunter green in the library, and pure white in the master bath. The bottom line is that the colors you use in your decorating scheme should readily reflect your personality.

The furniture that you choose for your home can serve as a starting point for your decorating scheme. A piece needs to please the eyes, but also provide comfort and complement your personal sense and style. Determine the placement not only of major pieces but also of each table, each rug, and each lamp. Even small touches will go a long way in achieving a cohesive plan.

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home interior designs

Tip of the day

home interior designs

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