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Renting a truck

Renting a truck is important when choosing size to accommodate your belongings

By: Roger King
Website: https://www.all-homeinteriordesigns.com

Most furniture will not fit into boxes; you must use other alternatives to make it packable. Often your loading plans influence how you will pack a piece of furniture. Letís take a sofa for example; it will be loaded standing, on one end it will be wrapped with pads. A sofa may be carried into the truck without protection. However trucks may not be very clean or well sealed, so expect dust to fly around inside the truck.

Protect a sofa by wrapping it with stretch wrap, several moving pads or old blankets, or paper-backed bubble wrap. Chairs can also be protected by stretch wrap. Drape a pad or blanket over a chair, tuck it in as much as possible, and then wrap with packing tape. Wood furniture is easily scratched; wrap the furniture tightly with stretch wrap. Cardboard protectors should be applied at each corner and taped.

You can simply carry a table onto the truck, but you run the risk of scratching it. To protect the tableís surface while dismantling it, place it top down on carpet or a moving pad or two. Disassemble the table by removing the legs. Place the legs together in as tight and wrap them together using stretch wrap. Wrap the tabletop with broken down cardboard boxes and packing tape. Place the bolts, screws, or nuts in a plastic bag. Tape the plastic bag to the table legs so you can easily find them.

If you are moving a desk, to ensure that the drawers wonít open and get scratched or spill their contents during the move, wrap them with stretch wrap. Reverse or remove the knobs or pulls if possible. Protect the top of the desk by wrapping it with broken down cardboard boxes and wrapping tape.

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