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Planning your move

Making the move yourself can cut your moving bill in half

By: Roger King
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Moving is a huge job, packing your goods is a critical part of the move. When you move you pack up the things that make up your everyday life and say goodbye to them for days, weeks, or even months. It is important to pack everything carefully in sturdy, well-sealed boxes to prevent damage. Whether the move is across town or across the country, getting things to arrive on time and in one-piece takes planning, patience, and energy.

Sometimes moving everything yourself is a necessity, your budget wonít permit hiring someone else to do it, but if youíre considering hiring a pro, start by contacting three movers. The advantage of using professional movers is that they do the heavy lifting for you. Rental companies claim that you can save up to 50 percent of the cost of a full-service move by doing it yourself.

You should set up an inventory system as you pack so youíll know whatís in what box and where the box should go in the new house. First decide whether you have the time, energy, and patience to make a do-it-yourself move. Packing all your stuff, renting a truck, moving furnishings, driving the truck to a new location, unloading, and unpacking takes up a big chunk of time.

Typically if you pack your possessions and drive them to your new home in a rented truck, youíll cut your moving bill in half. Pack storage items for the move so that you donít have to repack them when moving day arrive. Thereís never a guarantee that any move will go perfectly, but knowing what to expect and what to watch for ahead of time means that youíll be better prepared to manage your move when things start to get hectic.

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home interior designs

home interior designs
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