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Packing material and tools

Packing materials and tools such as tape, stretch wrap, covers and pads are essential in any move

By: Roger King
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A typical kit will have eight or more different types of labels. You can use a marker to write the room and other information onto each box, but many people find bright, color coded labels easier to use and easier to spot. Another labeling option is label tape. It is slightly less picky to use than sticker labels, although youíll have to cut it every time you label a box.

Whether you are moving in a large truck trailer or carrying things on top of your vehicle, you will need to tie things down. Where your possessions will be exposed, you may be better off with a cargo net or a spider strap. Often a simple tie-down rope or a set of elastic cords will do the trick.

Youíll need a knife to open boxes and for a variety of general tasks. A utility knife works fine, but a box cutter is better, because it slips easily into a shirt pocket and you can quickly change its razor-sharp blades. For items that will store permanently at the new home, consider buying plastic storage bins. You wonít have to unpack them, just stack them in the basement, garage, or other storage area.

When loading and unloading the truck, a hand truck almost always makes the job easier. Many truck rental companies will rent you a hand truck, but you may want to buy one, itís handy to have around the house. Be sure the hand truck feels sturdy and has air-filled tires, which make for a much smoother ride than solid rubber tires.

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home interior designs

home interior designs
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