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Install wood floor

When you install wood floor, it provides a durable easy to clean surface through out your home

By: Roger King
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There are two ways to have wooden floor in your home. You can install wood floor covering over your existing floor, whatever it is made of, floorboards, chipboard, plywood, quarry tiles, or concrete; or, if you already have natural wooden flooring, you can strip, sand, repair, and seal the floorboards. With either methods, the results is a hardwearing floor that is beautiful to look at and easy to keep clean.

Installing hardwood flooring underlying floor surface must be dry, flat, and level. Examine your existing floor and consider what you need to do to it before you can put down new wood flooring. Some of the hardwoods available are oak, beech, birch, pecan, and maple. They are specified by grade and are kiln-dried. Many are available refinished, so require only installation.

Although today's finishes are tougher and more durable than finishes from the past, when you install wood floor in your kitchen, it will need to be refinished every 3 to 10 years. Installing laminate wood flooring like parquet to floorboards, tend to darken as they age, especially in natural daylight. As long as the finish doesn't wear down to the bare wood, you can sand it lightly and apply new polyurethane on top of the old.

After a while, the once installs wood floor takes on a matte appearance. To maintain your floor at its best, keep it properly sealed and cleaned regularly. Even when sealed, wood flooring is not the best choice for bathroom where it often gets wet, nor for entrance halls where dirt gets trodden into it. Sweep wood flooring daily, and mop up spills at once with a damp cloth.

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home interior designs

home interior designs
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