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Linoleum kitchen flooring

Linoleum kitchen flooring has their pros and cons

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Linoleum kitchen flooring is made from a mixture of natural material, linseed oil, pine tree resin, sawdust, and cork, mixed with clay and chalk, pressed onto a fabric backing.

You can buy linoleum tiles as well as sheets, pre-cut into a range of different shapes to form either simple or extremely elaborate inlaid designs.

Linoleum kitchen flooring gets tougher as it gets older. It is warm underfoot and water resistant. It is easy to clean with water and detergent...you can remove any scuffs or marks by rubbing the surface gently with fine steel wool. Make sure you follow the recommended guidelines when cleaning your new flooring.

Linoleum kitchen flooring makes suitable non-slip floors for family kitchens and bathrooms. A regular vacuum is all that is required to keep them looking at their best.

Many manufactures will not guarantee their flooring if harsh detergents and abrasive cleaners have been used as these can cause discoloration and uneven wear of the flooring material.

Linoleum kitchen flooring cans simply be a background to highlight cabinets and fixtures. They take a lot of abuse: heavy foot traffic, every imaginable kind of spill, dropped pots and pans, and children's crayons.

You'll use three criteria to choose your new floor: how it's going to fit into your design; what you need in terms of wear and tear; and how it's going to fit with your budget.

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Linoleum kitchen flooring

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