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painted wood floors

Painted wood floors can offer many different design possibilities over your worn flooring

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Polyurethane should be used to protect your painted wood floors from wear. You can paint a badly stained or warn out hardwood floor, quick, and affordable.

If you want to create a border for your design, before you start painting, use masking tape or duct tape to block off a border around the perimeter or your floor. Make sure that each layer has dried before recoating; in low temperatures paint can take several days to dry.

Any varnish you put over painted wood floors will change its appearance somewhat. To get color into the wood floor grain as well as into the seams between boards, first work the paint across the boards, and then along them.

Slower-drying oil-based paint allows you more time and make it easier to blend one section to the next. Use them only with adequate ventilation.

You won't have to remove the existed painted wood floors finish. Apply a primer to ensure the new paint adheres to the floor surface. A brush is easier to control than a roller for painting against masked off areas.

Select a brush that's straight from side to side. Used natural bristles for alkyd oil-based paints, and synthetic for latex paints.

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home interior designs

home interior designs
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