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Parquet floor tile

Parquet floor tile should be laid on a prepared solid surface

By: Roger King
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Parquet floor tile are made from solid wood or engineered wood. Ready-made parquet produces a floor with a timeless elegance that lends itself to modern and period homes alike.

They can be installed over cement subfloor, wood floors, or even plywood, provided that the surface is solid and smooth. A paper facing, web backing, or a metal spline holds the tile together.

Parquet floor tile is produced in a variety of hardwoods and can be arranged into many different patterns, including herringbone and brick patterns.

Like wood flooring, they usually have tongues and grooves, but they are glued down rather than nailing. Give the tiles a few days to adjust to the humidity level of the room before you install them. It gives an unsurpassable flat, solid surface.

Parquet floor tile vary slightly in size and can be difficult to align. Setting them in a pyramid pattern helps correct for size variations. Check the thickness of tile batches when you buy them to be sure they're all the same.

If you are certain the parquet flooring is solid wood, it can be sanded. Use the adhesive recommended by the flooring manufacturer.

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home interior designs

home interior designs
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