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Installing wood flooring

Installing wood flooring is long lasting, easy to clean, and adds warmth to the room

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There are many different options for installing wood flooring ranging from the classic-narrow-strip floor and grain pattern to suit just about any color scheme or style you're chosen for your kitchen, living room, or bath.

As with solid wood flooring, wood engineered flooring comes in strips and planks. When installed, they form what's called a floating floor because the boards are glued to each other, rather than being nailed to the sub floor.

For a unique look, install boards at an angle to the walls instead of parallel. You can combine different types of wood coverings in one floor. Cover the main section with one wood and lay down another as a border or accent.

Installing wood flooring such as laminate flooring, which comes in two form: planks and tiles, mimic natural materials such as stone and wood. Laminate tile can resemble other kinds of flooring, such as real tiles or stones.

Wood engineered flooring has several layers. The top layer is an attractive hardwood; the thicker this layer the better, and the longer the floor will stand up to wear. There are different types of wood coverings in a wide range of wood grains and shades of laminated woods to choose from. Laminated wood flooring is suitable as it is made to resist water damage.

Installing wood flooring isn't rocket science; decide if the floor is a focal point of your design or simply a background that moves the eye to other design elements. Its often difficult, even impossible, to remove old resilient flooring.

If you're considering an exotic wood like walnut, cherry, or mahogany, you'll save some money with wood engineered flooring. Not all wood flooring, even within the same species, is created equal. Different types of wood coverings such as oak, is available in three grade levels. Oak is the most popular and practical solid wood flooring for the kitchen, living room, and bathroom.

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Installing wood flooring

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