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Storage for the bath

Add shelves if there is space for a closet in the bathroom

By: Roger King
Website: https://www.all-homeinteriordesigns.com

No matter what the size of the bathroom, it should contain a reasonable amount of storage. To get it, youíll have to thoroughly analyze the space and prioritize what items you must have handy, as well as any extras youíd like.

If you are working with a professional, he or she will have more than a few storage tricks to offer if you are specific about what you need. Be prepared by asking yourself some storage questions about your new bath.

You canít go wrong if you make good use of even the smallest pocket of space, like the toe-kick area at the bottom of the vanity, where you can install extra drawers or a slide-out step for kids who canít reach the sink yet.

In any event, itís likely that youíll want at least a vanity and a medicine cabinet in your new bathroom. Like fixtures and fittings, they make important statements about how the new space will look, as well as how it will function.

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home interior designs

home interior designs
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