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Shower remodeling

Shower remodeling can be as simple as just adding accessories, or doing an elaborate renovation make over

By: Roger King
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Shower remodeling comes with water features and fixtures that must be incorporated into decorating plans. Like most showers about to be refurbished, you'll want to consider its many components. Tubs can be freestanding models, encased in a surround, or part of a tub or shower unit.

The style you choose for your bathroom is established, at least in part, by the materials you select. It should be warm enough to invite you to primp but simple enough to get you out quickly.

To make the bathroom shower remodel as individual as you are, think about a bathroom design that considers the needs of all people who will use it. Hire professionals to line the walls and floor of your bathroom. Add bottles of bath suds and perfumes to give yourself that getaway feeling you experienced on vacation.

Bath and shower lights must be sealed and approved for wet locations. All fixtures within reach of water should be protected by GFCI (ground fault circuit interrupter).

Grooming, mirrors and light are essential in the home improvement remodeling. A quality vanity mirror tops the list of mirrors for the bath. Putting in exercise equipment makes sense too, when you think of this room as an all-around place for indulging your sense of personal comfort.

For shaving or applying makeup, attach a magnifying mirror with an extendable arm to the bathroom wall near an electrical socket. Lay a tapestry rug in the center of the room and hung white curtains at the windows.

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home interior designs

home interior designs
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