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Photo roller blinds

Photo roller blinds are merely a length of stiffened fabric attached to a pole fitted with a spring

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Photo roller blinds are perfect for adding simple style to your home. Choose from plain fabrics in a great selection of colors, as well as patterned designs.

Photo roller blinds are all based on fabric or material attached to a tubular roller mechanism that comes in either standard sizes or made to measure.

The majority of roller window shades made from partly translucent fabric containing a mixture of polyester and cotton. The blinds sit between two brackets that are fixed to the inside or outside of the window recess.

Photo roller blinds can be raised and lowered by the homeowner. When lowered they provide excellent noise and light isolation, and a higher level of security. When raised they are unobtrusive in appearance both internally and externally.

Usually solar window shades pull down from behind the roller, keeping them very close to the window. However, if a fabric is used where the pattern or color is printed on one side and does not show through to the other side, it can pull down in front of the roller.

In this case there could be light showing at each side of the blind as it is not so close to the window.

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Photo roller blinds

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