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Measuring for window treatments

How to measure for window treatments

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Before ordering any window treatment, itís imperative that you have the right measurements. Use a steel measuring tape and always round up to the nearest ľ inch. Treatments mounted inside the window frame require length and width measurements.

For the length, measure from the bottom of the window frame to the top of the sill. For the width, measure from side to side within the frame. Measure at the top, the middle, and the bottom of the window; because your measurements may vary slightly, use the smallest number.

For treatments on the frame itself or on the wall, youíll also need to measure the area to the left and to the right of the window frame that will be covered. For shades, this may be only to the outside edge of the window frame; for draperies and curtains, it will depend on how wide you want the finished treatment to be.

Youíll also need to measure the distance from the top of the window opening up to the point where the hardware will be located. Finally, measure from the top of the sill down to the point at which you want your window treatment to stop.

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home interior designs

Measuring window treatments

home interior designs

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