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How to install molding

How to install molding to any project in your house

By: Roger King
Website: https://www.all-homeinteriordesigns.com

Installing molding to finish off a project can be the most gratifying part of the job. Although itís easier than you might expect, installing molding takes some practice. Start installing molding in an area of the room where it will be the least visible. Youíll soon surprise yourself with your speed and neat joinery.

The most common mistake is to cut a miter in the wrong direction. Whenever possible, mark pieces clearly, not only for length, but also for the direction of cut. Youíll need precise measuring and cutting, figuring out the direction of cuts, and nailing. The tools youíll need will be a tape measure, miter box and backsaw or a power miter saw, coping saw, hammer, and nail set.

When buying molding, it can be expensive, so determine exactly how many pieces of each size you need. Measure and mark precisely whenever possible, hold a piece of molding in place and mark it with a knife, rather than using a tape measure. Fro window and door casing, take into account the ľ inch reveal on the edge of the jamb. When cutting the molding, sight down the blade of the saw and slide the molding until the saw will cut just to the scrap side of your mark. Hold the molding against the back of the miter box. It will not slide as you cut it.

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home interior designs

home interior designs
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