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How to install base molding

How to install base molding on the walls

By: Roger King
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Install door and window casing and other vertical molding before you install molding at the bottom of your wall. Choose from ranch or colonial base molding or use a three-piece base for a traditional look. Ti is best to add a quarter round or base shoe as well. These types bend easily with variations in the flooring and buffer scuffs from vacuum cleaners.

You may be tempted simply to miter-cut pieces for inside corners. This often leads to unsightly gaps and misaligned joint because the corners are almost never true 90-degree angle. Instead, cut the first piece to length with a regular 90 degree cut and cope-cut the second piece. To achieve that professional look, avoid splits, thin stock, such as often is used for baseboard molding. Donít over nail. Drive in only as many as you need to hold the piece firmly flush against the wall.

When marking outside corners, hold and mark the piece in place wherever possible. For an outside corner, butt one end of the molding in place, allowing the other to extend past the corner. Make the mark exactly even with the corner. To install an inside-to-inside piece, mark and cut the piece about 1/16 inch longer than the space. Install the baseboard by bending it into position. This will give you a tight fit on both sides.

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home interior designs

home interior designs
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