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How to apply laminate

How to apply laminate on any surface in your home

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Plastic laminate comes in a variety of colors, patterns, and textures. With practice and the right tool, you can lay down laminate as well, if not as quickly, as a professional. Be sure that the surface to which you are attaching the laminate is straight, smooth, and supported so it will not flex. New particleboard works best, although laminate also can be applied to plywood and old laminate.

You’ll need accurate measuring and cutting, smooth application of cement, and the use of a router. Other tools you will need are a circular saw or a carbide tipped knife; brush, paint roller, file, and sand block.

First cut the laminate so it is about ˝ inch larger than the surface in both directions; you’ll trim it exactly after it is installed. Cut it with a circular saw or score its face with a carbide-tipped knife. Cut with the face up if you are using a table saw or with the face down if you are using a circular saw.

To apply the adhesive, buy professional grade contact cement, which costs a bit more than the homeowner-type cement. Spread it evenly on the back of the laminate and the base surface, using a brush, paint roller. Allow both surfaces to dry completely before adhering.

To attach the laminate, cover the surface with wooden dowels or scrap pieces of sticks, and position the laminate on top. When the laminate is exactly where you want it, carefully pull out the sticks. Roll the entire surface with a rolling pin, starting in the middle working outward.

To trim away the excess material, attach the edging pieces so they butt tightly against the underside of the top laminate piece. To finish the project, trim the overhanging edges of laminate with a router, file, or sanding block. Take care not to crack the laminate or lift it up as you work. Be careful not to sand away too much laminate, because there is no way to fix it.

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home interior designs

How to apply laminate

home interior designs

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