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Decorating small spaces

With a little knowledge and adventure, decorating small spaces can transform your home in dramatic ways

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Decorating small spaces can be as complex as having a spare room waiting for just such a purpose. But sometimes you have to create them yourself. The decorating challenge and fun is how to pull all your resources together into a unified design.

Choose accessories that work with your color scheme. Keep your main pieces, sofa, dining chairs, and dining table, simple and neutral. When you have a lot of different elements, it does work best to limit and repeat your choices.

To get started with space interior design, evaluate your room, decide what you can use and what you need. Before you shop, walk through your own home. It is suggest emptying a room and starting with a blank slate, or remove everything except major furnishings.

To make it easy and fun, consider your room as a canvas where anything goes. Start with rearranging major furniture pieces you plan to use. You can measure and place pieces first on graph paper to get an idea of what could go where.

Lighting makes a major difference when decorating small spaces, making everything comfortably visible, and you feel somehow both stimulated and at ease. When you have chosen a focal point, play it up. Add what you like to see every day and what makes you feel good. Just moving a piece or two gives a room a whole new look and feel.

Use your own color preferences, fabric choices, and personal touches to make them uniquely your own. The bonus is that you mix pieces and add to a room over time to create just the look that fits your small space solutions.

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home interior designs

Decorating small spaces

home interior designs

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