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Decorating a dining room

Decorating a dining room should be design to extend to accommodate extra diners

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Decorating a dining room often outlast other furniture in a home, a sofa and loveseat may show the strain of the rough and tumble of family life, but a sturdy table and chair can go on looking good year after year.

Before you buy it's a good idea to decide how versatile you want your table and chair to be. Most dining room room furniture has to be sturdy enough to meet different needs.

Dining room decorating should be practical...if the table is going to be used by young children or if it doubles other ways, as a sewing table or somewhere to study or do homework. Folding or extending tables are a good choice if space is limited or to seat extra guest.

For a main dining area you probably want something slightly more elegant, so work out your needs carefully before you buy a dining suite.

The key to dining room design is simplicity. Most modern upholstered dining chairs have been treated to resist stains but for additional protection, use tie-on chair covers, or make covers to slip over upholstered seats.

If you do choose a table with a finish that needs protection, buy a table pad you can cover with an easily laundered tablecloth for everyday use.

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home interior designs

Decorating a dining room

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