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Design your living room

Design your living room with your own personal, creative decorating style

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Start with a pretty background and design your living room with comfortable upholstery and let your collections do the rest. If you like the idea of quick and stylish change, keep the backdrop soft and neutral.

Before you shop, walk through your home; you may have just the right piece of furniture or accessory that would star in a new setting. To make it easy and fun, consider your room as a canvas where anything goes. When you live with your passions, you create a warm, inviting home.

Design your living room furniture and accessories to work together. Start by experimenting with an easy to change tabletop and simple wall grouping. Add what you like to see every day and what makes you feel good. Just moving a piece or two gives a room a whole new look and feel.

Coffee tables are an ideal beginning just as elevating an accessory or adding a plant creates instant drama. Add a sconce to a grouping of small pictures. Group frames of different shapes and materials for a casual arrangement.

If your favorite pieces seem to be getting lost in the shuffle or treasures and collections, design your living room with the pieces you need and the accessories you want to spotlight. Any piece can go anywhere as long as it fits the scale and style of the room.

Add a touch or two more as you can and you'll soon fill your home with your own creative style. With today's comfortable, personal style, some of the most inviting decorating also is the quickest and simplest.

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home interior designs

Design your living room

home interior designs

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