Silhouette shades
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Silhouette shades

Silhouette shades filter light while reducing glare and provide total privacy

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Silhouette shades are the softest, most translucent and most flexible window covering ever made. The soft, adjustable fabric vanes are suspended between two sheer fabric facings going beyond traditional shades with an infinite range of light filtration.

Silhouette window shades combine the best uniqueness of curtains, with Soft balanced vanes that allow you to control the amount of light without losing the natural beauty of sunlight.

They are available in a choice of fabrics from clear to room darkening.

Hunter douglas silhouette shades combines the best texture of curtains, draperies and blinds in one single design. They can be opened wide for a full, soft center view, closed for privacy or tilted for light control.

This is the most resourceful of all the shades options excellent for windows with a vision.

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home interior designs

Silhouette shades

home interior designs

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