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Patio entertaining

Patio entertaining is a great place to have parties, or just sit around by the pool relaxing

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Any meal served outside can be special. Fresh flowers clipped minutes before dinning, the smells of food grilling, the sound of birds chirping, and the taste of homegrown tomatoes really makes your patio entertaining a wonderful experience.

On a more elegant, formal occasion, bring out your finest china, crystal, and silver serving pieces. When a space is large, especially if it is used for both sitting and dining, the entire patio needs to pull together.

If you don't have outdoor dining furniture, take the table out onto the lawn, for a party or other patio entertaining occasions. One advantage of candles or lanterns is portability. With nothing to plug in, you can bring light easily to the farthest corner of the garden.

To keep the flame from going out and for safety, protect a candle used outdoor with a glass chimney or other decorative container.

Choose outdoor bar furniture for your patio entertaining that works together...pieces don't have to match exactly, but they shouldn't differ. Fabric selected for pillows and cushions unifies the space. Using an over cloth, also called a napkin or table square, allows an east change of color.

Combine more formal elements, such as skirted tables and upholstered chairs, with elements from the garden. For a light, easy, yet dramatic centerpieces think simple.

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home interior designs

Patio entertaining

home interior designs

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