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Exterior home decorating

Exterior home decorating should match the outdoor surroundings of your home

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When the weather is great, exterior home decorating can be an extension of the interior of your home. Whether it's in the courtyard or on the deck, a well-placed table with upholstered chairs, set beneath a collection of hand-painted Italian plates, welcomes diner.

Your design should be able to accommodate your friends and family's favorite activities, from relaxation and casual gathering to children's games, barbecues, and entertaining.

First you'll want to define the outdoor areas: determine what activities will take place where, for instance the quality of exterior home paint, tools you choose and the material you utilize for example; wood, metal, and plastic should be compatible with the architecture of your house and appropriate to your type of weather. Think about colors that will complement the exterior of your home and will go with the earth tones of the landscape around it.

Backyard decks offer wonderful spaces for outdoor dining. Your exterior paint colors may be classic and formal or fluid and naturalistic. There is no better way to enlarge your space and enjoy dramatic views than could expand into the outdoor landscape.

You'll want to add accents that reflect your personal style and plenty of lush green plants. Simple furnishing will allow the eyes to focus on the view of trees and sky.

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home interior designs

Exterior home decorating

home interior designs

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home interior designs
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