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Cold and flu

How to prevent yourself from catching the common cold and flu

By: Roger King
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The cold and flu season is here and it's time to get your annual flue shoot. Well that's just another way for the medical industry to keep their doors open for the "cold and flu season". The flu shoot is the flu the doctors inject into your system. All you need is a well balance diet, regular exercise and plenty of rest.

What is amazing to me is that, simply washing your hands can prevent the common cold and flu symptoms. How many of us remember to do it? Not enough, and that's why we suffer this cold and flu epidemic each year. Your hands come in contact with millions of germs and bacteria each and every day, simply shaking another person's hands; germs travel from person to person.

To fight these germs and bacteria off, all you need to do is to wash your hands before you handle foods. Just imagine you shaking another person's hand who has been coughing and using their hands in front of there mouth. That germ is now transfer to you and eventually will get into your system with out you ever knowing what happened. That's why it's so important to wash your hands every change you get.

So please wash you're hands after meeting and greeting people. You can use hand sanitizer that kills germs on contact. I'm a 43-year-old male that hasn't gotten the common cold or flu now going on 18 years. And that's because I have never had a flu shoot. I keep a small bottle of hand sanitizer in my car, at my job, and in my pocket, if I'm going to eat out. I also take one daily multivitamins along with a balanced diet that consist of fruits, vegetables, and lots of water.

Putting your hands in your mouth, eyes, and nose before washing it can be the very reason we all get the common cold and flu each year. Not knowing how and when it happened. Always carry a small bottle of hand sanitizer to clean your hands when there isn't water at your deposal. There are also individual hand sanitizer packets you can buy at your local drug stores.

So to prevent your self from getting the cold and flu, you need to wash your hands more often than you think. Taking cold and flu medicine alone will not prevent you from catching the cold. You need to keep you hands clean at all times, and maintain a balanced diet.

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