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Choosing wall colors

Choosing wall colors is not as easy as you think, with so many different options: bold bright colors, or just plain

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When faced with a room in need of a new look, choosing wall colors can be a somewhat scary proposal. Color requires self-assurance and care. It makes an instant and lasting impression on the eye. It is the easiest and least costly way to transform a room, and the most courageous.

Before painting a room with color, remember the white is all colors blended in one and comes in its own wide range of shades.

Choosing paint colors to define or alter space is really about creating illusions. Traditional thinking is that light; cool colors enlarge a space, while dark, warm colors make a room seem smaller. Color can be a useful tool to alter the apparent proportions of a room. To create a layered look and a since of separation between rooms, use different colors in adjoining rooms.

A basic understanding of how light influence color can help you make wise choices when choosing wall colors. Most light in the home is artificial, and the color of that light varies. A room's exposure determines the quality of its natural light. To balance the temperature in a room, use warm colors in north facing rooms and cool colors for south-facing ones.

Color placement has everything to do with the visual impact of a scheme, when choosing interior design colors. Equal amounts of color fight for attentions; unequal amounts are more pleasing. The secret is to let one color dominate while the other play supporting roles. Where you place colors in a room is just as important as using them in proportions.

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home interior designs

Choosing wall colors

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