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Bedroom styles and color

Choose a generous size bed to ensure a good night's sleep

By: Roger King
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The master bedroom is your gateway space, so design it to please only you. Invest in a luxury touch here and there, beautiful bed linens or a four-poster bed, for example. If possible, try not to allow the bedroom to become a multipurpose room.

If the master bedroom is shared, decide together whether or not to include a TV. Donít give in to the idea that one corner could house a mini-office space perfectly; taking work into the bedroom is not a restful concept.

To maintain a restful look in the room, choose cabinetry that conceals it. If youíre a morning person and have the time to luxuriate in the bedroom until later, consider warm, invigorating colors.

Regardless of space limitation, the bed is the roomís focal point. Wrap walls in warm, mid-tone neutrals and accent the bed with richly textured pattern. Toss a luxurious throw at the foot of the bed and surround yourself with artworks and photos of personal meaning.

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home interior designs

home interior designs
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