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Residential smoke detectors

Residential smoke detectors save lives in case of a fire

Residential smoke detectors can and often do save lives, especially when a fire breaks out while you are sleeping.

Most codes require that smoke detectors be installed in every bedroom and hallway.

Some electric smoke detectors are designed to be wired into your electrical system with battery backup in case of power outages, while others work on battery power alone.

You need to know the location of these wiring smoke detectors, you can check them every three to four months by pressing the test button that's clearly visible on each detector.

If the unit is operating properly, it will emit a high-pitched sound. A fire extinguisher is inexpensive and should be put in all homes.

Install one in the kitchen where it is easily visible and accessible so that anyone can locate it quickly. Change residential smoke detectors batteries at least once a year.

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home interior designs

home interior designs
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