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Blogging - Obesity in America

Some facts about obesity in America

By: Editor
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I have been conducting a study, for the last couple of months, on those food banks, the oneís that give away free foods to anybody thatís in need, and I found some pretty interested stuff. As it turns out, these food banks are all connected to each other, since I've seen the same people at every different location I visited. The food banks attract people from all walks of life, The majority of people that come are, the alcoholics, handicap, elderly, poor, sick, un-educated, un-employed, x-cons, mentally disturbed, and obese, just to name a few. Free food brings out the worst in people, when they trying to make ends meet, and feed their families. These people sometime get into fights, while standing in the food line. This is how it works; the local super markets, donates their old, out-dated foods; canned goods, rice, beans, milk, bread, meats, grains etc to the local neighborhood Churches, in order to make room for their new inventory.

The majority of the foods have no nutrition value; they are high in sodium, calories, saturated fats, trans fats, and sugars, not to mention out-dated. But when people are hungry like most of these folks that stand in long lines, to receive free foods, they fail to notice the non-nutritional value in these foods. Wherever there is something giving away for free, people tend to loose their minds as they develop a pattern of neediness. People get in lines and stand for hours, to walk away with sometimes, one or two bags of free foods, which might already start to spoil. These people are thankful for the free food, and continue to come back again.

Today, America is facing an obesity epidemic among the general population. Moreover, the free foods that they receive from these food banks contain little or no nutritional value. When these people get sick, they canít see a doctor because they have no medical insurance. So when they are unhappy, depress, and ill, they eat all the wrong foods, and get little to no physical activities, which over time shows in their waistline, hips, and thighs. How can America fix this problem? What is the health department doing about it? Obesity is a serious disease that leads to sickness and even death. Look around you. If nothing isnít done soon, the majority of the population will become obese.

Anybody can educate them selfís on proper eating habits, by going to the local Libraries and checking out books on healthy lifestyle, and nutritional foods. The Internet has a wealth of information on these topics too. There are three important components to a healthy life style, which are physical activities, healthy nutrition, and sufficient amount of rest. The super market is in business to make money, just as any other business in America. They are not going to tell us what we should not eat, or what's healthy. Itís our business to educate our selfís about proper nutrition. We can become educated consumer by learning the many simple ways to reduce our risk of becoming a victim of obesity.

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