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Element of interior design

Element of interior design are sometimes completely proportioned with in a room balanced look

A look at the element of interior design will help you create a room that work for you. All well-designed rooms exemplify more than one elements and principles of design, because principles work hand in hand. The element of design texture; professional designers use, all the time...balance, rhythm, emphasis, scale, and harmony.

The goal of any room arrangement is to create a simple grouping of furniture pieces that work towards the room's purpose. When each element is in its place and in harmony with all the other elements, you experience the room as welcoming and livable.

Balance element of interior design is achieved in a room when there is a sense of visual symmetry. For example, a room is balance in part because its elements vary in scale proportionally to their setting and their sense of rhythm. Element of design texture such as rhythm, serves much the same purpose as rhythm in a song.

Repetition of objects, colors, shapes, or texture is the most common way to make it happen. Emphasis is giving more meaning or presence to some elements and principles of design. Think about style as you develop plans and make choices.

Scale is the size of an object or element of interior design in the room. A room whose furniture is all upholstered in a small-scale print would lack focus. Most rooms look best when objects and furnishings vary in scale. Harmony in a room is sensed instinctively.

When all the element of design texture, balance, rhythm, emphasis, and scale work together seamlessly, then there is harmony in the room. Experience with these elements and principles of design to design a room that is exciting to look at. For a room to be appealing, you need to create places for the eye to rest. Think of a room most comfortable, the kind that compels you to enter.

You can create a sense of style and history by changing door or window styles; replacing stair rails, balusters, and newel posts; or adding fireplace mantels. Today, however, many houses replicate the facades of those period buildings but eliminate the architectural elements inside. If you are faced with a nondescript room, you can introduce those features with store-bought trim.


home interior designs

Element of interior design

home interior designs

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