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Curtains and drapes

Curtains and drapes operate easily on a rod which retain their pleats for a crisp and wonderful look

Curtains and drapes consist of panels of fabric that suits both the design of the window and the style of your home. Window treatment patterns come in a wide array of finishes and colors. The different is how they are operated.

The more thought you give to their attributes and limitations, the easier it will be to determine which window treatment options works best on which window. Curtains combine well with other treatments: mini blind or pleated shade for privacy.

There's no doubt that the choices for curtains and drapes should follow the trends and fashion in home décor. Top treatments provide the crowning glory for a window. Placed over another treatment, they conceal the heading and add a decorative flourish.

Window treatment patterns such as swags and cascades bring distinction and classic form to fresh interpretations. How much light enters the room depends on the number of window...their size, shape, and the window treatment patterns.

Some windows are easy to handle; others are a real challenge. But for each one, there are a variety of pleasing and practical choices. Curtains and drapes provide some daytime privacy while allowing light to enter.

If the view is unattractive, choose white or light-colored window treatment patterns that admit light when lowered or close...and keep it that way. Among the most practical window treatment options, shades can be just as decorative as they are hardworking.

The word draperies and curtains can mean the same thing, but some people make a distinction between the two. Generally, draperies are pleated and hung from hooks that attach to tracks in a traverse rod, which allows them to be drawn closed with a cord. Draperies that can be drawn may eliminate the need for a shade or blinds because well-lined draperies reduce sun glare efficiently.

Curtains hang on rods from rings, tabs, or ties; they’re drawn by hand. You can give your window treatment designs a professional look by using decorator tricks to customize readymade or dress your own home-sewn designs. For most windows, you’ll need something that you can open and close easily.



home interior designs

Window Treatments
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